Luxe Fresh FLower Bouquet

Luxe Fresh FLower Bouquet


Mixed Flower Bouquet of seasonal Flowers and foliage.


Bouquets are designed and made up on the day of your delivery with fresh flowers from the flower market. Each Bouquet has a unique design.


Pictures included are to give you an idea of my floral style and size of the bouquet. I am happy to send you pictures of your flowers before delivering to your loved ones.


All bouquets come with a complimentary gift card, please leave your message in the text box below and please also include the date you would like your flowers delivered.


Check our social media for updated designs and colours.


Delivery times:

Monday-Thursday: flowers will be delivered between 5:30pm and 7:30pm

Friday- Sunday: Flowers will be delivered between 10am and 1pm.


The option to collect your bouquet is also available a checkout.

  • Care Instructions

    Please do not place your flowers in a sunny spot and if possible, keep them in a cool area.  Having your Central Heating at a high heat will dramatically decrease the lifespan of your flowers.

    For Bouquets trim your stems at a 45degree angle and change your water every couple of days for long lasting freshness.

    For Flower Boxes, You can trim your stems every couple of days and top your box up with more water regulary.